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Issuing a Succession Order

Following the Company's Partial Decision, in which it is determined that indeed your relative and the asset owner are one and the same, and in case the requested asset is a plot of land or its value is higher than 200,000 NIS, you are required to provide the Company with a Succession Order issued by a competent judicial instance in Israel, regarding the estate of the asset owner, in order to determine the identity of the lawful heirs, and in order to release the asset to them.

The Company is here to assist the applicants in obtaining the required Succession Order, as part of the restitution process.

There are two main steps to the process of issuing a Succession Order:
  1. Application for a Declaration of Death (as a substitute for a death certificate):
    When you submit the application for a Succession Order, you will have to attach, inter alia, a Declaration of Death regarding the asset owner who perished in the Holocaust (and the rest of his family who perished as well). Therefore, the first step of the process is submitting an application for a Declaration of Death. This application can be submitted to the Appeals Committee of the Ministry of Justice, established under the Assets Law.

    bul_1_en Click here for guidelines for submitting an application in English.
    bul_1_en Additional information can be found on the Appeals Committee website
        (available only in Hebrew).
  2. Application for a Succession Order:
    In order to apply for a Succession Order you have to submit an application form to the Inheritance Registrar in the Tel Aviv District.

    bul_1_en To download the application form click here
    bul_1_en For a detailed explanation on how to submit the application click here
    bul_1_en Additional information can be found on the Inheritance Registrar website
    bul_1_en For a detailed explanation of the entire process please click here 

    Please note, all of the above is available only in Hebrew.

Alternatively, you may also apply to the Appeals Committee in order to issue the required Succession Order. According to the latest amendment to the Assets Law (of March 2014), the Appeals Committee now also has the authority to issue a Succession Order, in a shorter and less complex procedure, in order to assist the potential heirs. Applying to the Appeals Committee for this purpose also saves the need to issue separate Declarations of Death.

There is no need to hire a lawyer in order to submit the request to the Appeals Committee.

For more information please contact the Company or the Appeals Committee directly.

Hiring a Lawyer

You may hire a lawyer to assist you with the process of issuing the Succession Order (however, there is no obligation to hire a lawyer for this purpose).

Click here for a list of lawyers who deal with inheritance laws and who have undertaken to charge a minimum fee, as recommended by the Israeli Bar Association.




Recently a number of legislative amendments initiated by the Company, have been adopted, many of which concern matters of inheritance, and aim to make the inheritance process easier for potential heirs. Amongst these amendments the Company has been authorized to carry out an investigation regarding the asset owner's family, in case the heirs today do not have sufficient information on the matter, and officially present the findings of these investigations in court.

bul_1_en For the full text of the Assets Law, click here. Articles 31a and 68 to 68d of the Law pertain to matters of Inheritance.
bul_1_en For the full text of the Assets Regulations (Matters of Inheritance) click here
bul_1_en For a detailed review of the relevant legislative amendments click here.
Please note, all of the above is available only in Hebrew.

We invite the public in Israel and abroad to review the list of Asset Owners on the website and to submit a request for restitution of the assets.

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