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Aid For Holocaust Survivors

The Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets Ltd. as defined by the Law of Assets is authorized to transfer the unclaimed assets for the funding of Aid to Holocaust Survivors  in Need, and to support educational institutions tasked with commemorating the Holocaust - the survivors receiving top priority.

The Company's Aid Department for Holocaust Survivors in Need includes: endowments transferred directly to bank accounts on a quarterly basis (Direct Personal Aid).

In addition, support is granted for projects relating to the health and welfare of Holocaust survivors, amongst them: therapy for survivors who are confined to their homes, renovation of survivors’ homes (based on income assessment), the Loneliness Relief Project.

Each year, the Company supports Holocaust survivor organizations with the purpose of aiding survivors, along with projects aimed at educating and commemorating the Holocaust.

The Company is assisted by an Advisory Committee of public officials working voluntarily to verify the eligibility of applications and convey their recommendations to the Board of Directors for the selection of projects intended for the education and commemoration of the Holocaust, to be supported by the Company.

Please call the Holocaust survivors call center at 03-6135351 or send an email

 Click for Direct Personal Aid 

 Click to download the file for Survey procedure for Direct Personal Aid for Survivors

 Click to download the file for General instructions regarding the use of assets transferred to the Company for aid and manner of requests for aid.

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