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How to Submit an Application

The following link: List of Assets in Israel includes the published list of assets located in Israel, whose owners were most probably Holocaust victims. If you belong to a family who lost relatives in the Holocaust or you have information about relatives or aכcquaintances whose name appears in the list and you would like to verify your eligibility for the asset, please read the following instructions and fill out an application for asset restitution.

For more information - click to download the General File of the Debate and Decisions for Restitution of Assets to Holocaust Victims.

If you encounter difficulties in completing the application, contact the Call center 
+972-3-5164117 or send an email to

Asset Restitution - general instructions for filling an application

  • A separate application must be filed for each published asset. Please do not fill in an application form naming more than one asset.
  • Input the name of the Holocaust victim both in English and Hebrew, as it appeared to the best of your knowledge at the time of the purchase or deposit of the asset.
  • Application forms are designed for the input of basic information needed for preliminary processing of your application. Later in the process you will be contacted, as warranted, for additional information and to verify by declaration the facts stated in the application. In that event, you will need to supply any information, explanation, proof or document available to you required to reach a decision regarding your application.
  • Please enter as much information as you have. Note the required fields marked with an asterisk.

We recommend you submit a digital application. After the application is submitted, you must send a signed and certified affidavit, regarding the information submitted in your request form, via mail,
or E-mail:

For your convenience, a format for an affidavit can be downloaded here

Those interested in filing and sending the application not electronically, may print the application form found on the website. Applications for the restitution of Holocaust victims' assets which have been filled out manually should be sent by mail to: Office of the Administrator General, Unit for Location and Restitution of Unclaimed Property, Holocaust Victims' Assets Department, 2 Hashlosha St., P.O.Box 9040, Tel Aviv – Yafo 6109001; or E-mail: A signed & certified affidavit regarding the information submitted in the request must be attached to the application form.  

Applications that are not forwarded electronically should be typed or in clear handwriting.

Please note!

  • Efforts are made to deal with every application received quickly and efficiently. However, each application is processed individually and may take some time.
  • Since the applicant's age is taken into account when prioritizing applications, we suggest that the application be filled in by the oldest possible benefactor.
  • The list of assets published on the website was prepared and transferred to us by the various entities that previously held them in trust. Although efforts are made to examine the information received from these entities, we cannot ensure that the lists we received are totally accurate, including the inclusion of assets that did not belong to Holocaust victims.
  • In addition, these lists include data regarding bank accounts. This information, which was transferred to us by the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee that was responsible for this matter in the past, has not been published in accordance with section 19 (a)(1) of the Law. Since the accounts have not yet been transferred by the banks, even though applications may be forwarded for their reinstatement based on this data, the applications cannot be processed until the information and the money has actually been received (such assets have been marked with a red flag on the list).

After submission of the application:

After you submit the application, you must send a signed and certified affidavit to the company, via mail or
e-mail. Submission of an affidavit is a prerequisite for the processing and examination of your request.

Upon receipt of the request form, you will receive a reference number. In all future correspondence regarding the restitution of Holocaust victims' assets, please specify this reference number. Official requests and communications should be sent to the following address: Office of the Administrator General, Unit for Location and Restitution of Unclaimed Property, Holocaust Victims' Assets Department, 2 Hashlosha St., P.O.Box 9040, Tel Aviv – Yafo 6109001.

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